Melbourne Writer’s Festival

Melbourne Writer’s Festival Schedule:

Friday August 27th

4:00 P.M.-What Really Makes the World Go Round?

At: BMW Edge, Federation Square

Panellists: Loretta Napoleoni, Ross Gittins, Lenore Taylor

Description: Are our economic models failing us? In search of more helpful measures of global wealth, Age economics columnist Ross Gittins goes beyond the graphs with economist and terrorism financing expert Loretta Napoleoni, and political commentator Lenore Taylor.

Saturday August 28th

2:00 P.M. – : Loretta Napoleoni in conversation, in Italian

At: CAE Rm B427

Chairperson: To be confirmed

Description: Loretta Napoleoni is the bestselling author of Terror Incorporated and Insurgent Iraq. She is an expert on financing of terrorism and advises several governments on counter-terrorism. Born and brought up in Rome, she joins us this afternoon for a special overview of her writing and research, in Italian.

Sunday August 29th
2:30 P.M. – : Islamic terrorism from a European Perspective
At: ACMI Studio 1
Panellists: Loretta Napoleoni, Greg Barton, Natalie Doyle
Chairperson: Pascaline Winand
Description: Loretta Napoleoni’s groundbreaking work Terrorism and the Economy. How the War is bankrupting the World has impacted public thinking and policy making around the world. Today, Loretta is joined by Director European Studies Centre, Pascaline Winand, Dr Natalie Doyle, and Greg Barton from Monash University to examine the role played by the fear of Islamic terrorism in contemporary European politics.  Is the crisis of the Euro symptomatic of the general crisis of political imagination that has affected the Western world for the past thirty years?
6:00 P.M. – Big Ideas – Terrorism and the Economy
At: RMIT Capitol Theatre, 113 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Panellists: Loretta Napoleoni,
Session length: 1 hour plus book signing
Description: Global terrorism is a multimillion dollar business. Where does the money come from? Italian economist, author, journalist and political analyst Loretta Napoleoni reveals the international economy behind terrorist networks, which in 2005 she credited with a turnover of about US$1.5 trillion, twice the GDP of the UK. Where once the international drug trade, sex industries, people smuggling and even arms dealing were the province of organised crime, it is now far more common than you might think for these activities to be financing terrorist organisations, in their quest to shift world power and shape history.
Wednesday September 1st (Deutsche Bank Luncheon – Sydney, Australia)

12:30 P.M. – Terrorism and the Economy – This audience will comprise senior management (leadership lunch of women from across all businesses within the Bank. DB Chief Executive Officer, Chum Darvall will introduce Loretta Napoleoni and moderate questions from the floor at the conclusion of Loretta Napoleoni’s presentation. DB envisage 30 people will attend, attendees will have been given Loretta Napoleoni’s latest book.

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