National Critics Choice’s Best Nonfiction – Economics 2011
Associazione per il Progresso Economico, Italy – APE First Prize 2010

Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2008

Praise for Maonomics (Seven Stories Press, 2011)
“China’s transformations are not limited to reshaping the economy according to the principles of free trade, but also in the social and political arenas.” — China Daily

Praise for 10 Years That Shook the World (Seven Stories Press, 2011)
“And in the flickering of news that has passed before our eyes over the years, [10 Years That Shook the World] traces a different and deeper understanding of events than the black and white.” — Lars Linder

Praise for Terrorism and the Economy (Seven Stories Press, 2010)
“Her analysis is a consistently moral one, both in tone and in its overarching aim – urging the reform of global capitalism by bringing it under more transparent, popular control – and it is directed as much at the average, indebted consumer as at the governors of international finance and politics.” — New Left Project Review

Praise for Rogue Economics (Seven Stories Press, 2008)
“Timely and fascinating, Napoleoni’s top-notch reporting, in which her attention turns from Viagra to blood diamonds to the banana price wars in a few pages, works in the vein of Freakonomics and Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation…” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Rogue Economics offers a fascinating view of how terribly wrong things have gone. Loretta Napoleoni’s book is an alarm, warning us to wake up immediately and head down a new path.” — John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Praise for Insurgent Iraq (Seven Stories Press, 2005)
“[A] tantalizing search to disentangle the threads of legend and reality in the strange tale of Abu Mos’ab al Zarqawi” — Noam Chomsky

“Layer by layer Loretta Napoleoni peels away the fabrication and the myth to expose the cruel harsh reality of the man known today as world’s worst terrorist” — Ahmed Rashid

Praise for Terror, Incorporated (Seven Stories Press, 2005)
“Utterly compelling, heroically researched… [an] indispensable analysis.” — Guardian UK

“Napoleoni comes up with a startling conclusion: the ‘New Economy of Terror’ is a fast growing international economic system, with a turnover of about $1.5 trillion, twice the GDP of the United Kingdom.” — Wall Street Journal

“A fascinating and incisive cataloguing of the known economic activities of organizations that … have as their aim the transformation of the Middle East, the broader Muslim world and, ultimately, the United States.” — The New York Times

“A masterpiece… this book should be required reading for everyone in the White House, State Department and Pentagon.” — Greg Palast, author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

“This book opens a vista onto the complex financial background of global terrorism and, in the process, onto some of the under-publicized characteristics of the new (post Cold War) economy.” — George Magnus, Chief Economist at UBS Warburg

“Loretta Napoleoni’s description of the ‘new economy of terror’ shows how terrorist financing poses a great threat to our free market system and our shared world.” — Raymond W. Baker, Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy

“This book breaks new ground, offering fresh insights into some of the financial underpinnings of contemporary terrorism.” — Alex P. Schmid, Senior Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer at the Terrorism Prevention Branch of the United Nations

“This thorough and incisive inquiry yields much insight into some of the most important issues of today, and tomorrow.” — Noam Chomsky

“Loretta Napoleoni has accomplished an extraordinary task of research in tracking, finding and graphically describing the financiers and the institutions supporting global terrorism, including al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. Her book is the most definitive account seen so far of the deep and intricate links between terrorist networks and organized crime, from the Italian Mafia to the new Eastern European networks.” — John K. Cooley, ABC News correspondent and author of Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism

“Penetrating, lucid, and essential.” — Henry Porter, author of Empire State and A Spy’s Life

“A tour-de-force of detective work in economics and theory-building in politics that sheds new light on the most worrying phenomenon of the new millennium.” — Dr. Paul Gilbert, Professor at the University of Hull and the author of New Terror, New War

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